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  • Lionheads Winning on the Show Tables - Winter 2012

    Legendary Pippi
    Sable Point Jr Doe
    Owned by Nita & Kaela Shannon
    BOB - Frozen Friends Show B
    St. Helens, OR 1-28-12

    Ariant's Nestlie
    Chestnut Jr Doe
    Owned by Tia Piscitelli
    BOB - Frozen Friends Show A
    St. Helens, OR 1-28-12

    Slatehill's Krackle
    Chestnut Agouti Junior Doe
    Owned by Terri Pumpitus
    BOB - Richmond, VA

    Lionheart's Stella
    REW Jr Doe
    Owned by Jessica Kramme
    BOB - PNWLRC Specialty Show
    St. Helens, OR 1-27-12

    Legendary Gallant
    REW Jr Buck
    Owned by Nita & Kaela Shannon
    BOSB - PNWLRC Specialty Show
    St. Helens, OR 1-27-12

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    and Sex/Age/Variety of the winning Lionhead.


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