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2014 National Show

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  • 2013 NALRC National Show Info- Overview

    1 Open & 1 Youth Show Saturday, May 4th, 2013 Columbus, OH

    The Show Catalog is now available on-line!
    (Please be patient when downloading! The color ads do make this a large file!)

    Entries must be postmarked by April 13th, 2013.
    Entry fees will be $7.50/rabbit. This includes ORSBA fees for coops with risers during the show.
    Mail with correct US funds to:
    Cheryl Rafoth
    2426 Seaview Drive
    Port Townsend, WA 98368

    Questions? Contact Cheryl at:

    Judges are:
    Jim Rowland(FL), Owen Yates (VA), & Michael Franke (TX)

    Standard for Judging & Varieties Allowed
    Mueller Working Standard Revised November 2011 will be used for judging.
    Only varieties (colors) with a COD on file with the ARBA by January 1st, 2013 will be judged.

    15 COD Varieties Include:
    Black, Blue, Blue-Eyed White, Blue Point, Chestnut Agouti, Chocolate, Pointed White, Red, Ruby-Eyed White, Sable Point, Seal, Siamese Sable, Silver Marten, Smoke Pearl, & Tortoise. Note: All varieties of Tort will be judged as one variety. NO AOV VARIETIES WILL BE SHOWN.

    NOTE: The COD on Red was dropped on 1-29-13. However, because it was still a COD variety as of January 1, 2013 (National Show Rule), this variety is still eligible to be shown at the 2013 NALRC National Show. No sweepstakes points will be counted for wins in this variety at the National Show.

    Now Accepting Award Sponsors!!
    The NALRC National Show is a success every year due largely to the generosity of our membership in sponsoring awards. Each year we ask the membership to step forward and sponsor their favorite varieties as a way for the club to offset the expense of putting on such a large show. Every year the membership amazes us with their generosity. For more information on how to sponsor an award and what the awards will be this year see our Awards Page. Award sponsors will receive a listing of their name and website/email on the awards page of the club website. For more information or to sponsor an award, contact the Awards Chair, Tammy Setzke. Deadline to sponsor an award is March 1st. Any varieties which did not have 10+ entries at the 2012 National Show and do not receive an award sponsor will receive BOV/BOSV rosettes provided by the NALRC.

    Fun Friday Night Mane Contest!
    Last year we started a new tradition of a fun Friday night contest for the "Longest Mane". In keeping with that tradition, the Show Committee will be offering a "Best Mane" contest on Friday evening this year. Come one, come all, to show off those beautiful manes that define our breed. Who will walk away with the title of "Best Mane"?? Will it be you?? Check out our Mane Contest Page for complete rules. Questions? Contact the Show Chair, Dawn Guth.

    Annual Raffle and Hospitality Tables
    Each year the club offers a raffle table as a fundraiser at our National Show. We rely heavily on donations from our members for this table to be a success.....we've never been let down. Each year we have amazing donations to this event of unique items to fill our tables. The last several years we've required TWO tables for our raffle, our members have been so generous! Consider bringing an item with you to donate or if you'd like to purchase one at the show there are many rabbit related vendors available on-site as well. We've also offered a hospitality table at the last several National shows. Someplace to grab a cup of coffee (always welcome on Saturday morning!) or a pick-me-up cookie in the afternoon. Again, we rely on the generosity of our members to help ensure that this table has items for exhibitors throughout the day. Please consider bringing a bag or box of goodies or perhaps a case of bottled water. Please contact our Booth Chair, Carol Fry, if you have any questions.

    Third Annual Limited Edition T-Shirts Available for 2013
    This will be the third year that the club will be offering Limited Edition (pre-order only) T-Shirts in conjunction with our National Show. Shirts will be available for a limited time and available for delivery to the National show. Many people have been disappointed that they missed out on pre-ordering one. Don't miss out this year! Fill out your Order Form and get it in early! If you have any questions, contact Promotions Chair, Christine Hutchison.

    Annual Live Auction of Top Quality Lionheads
    It has become a tradition for the club to put on an annual Live Auction following the judging of the National Show. This has become a highly prestigious event and boasts donations from some of the top breeders from around the nation. The format has changed this year in an effort to be more inclusive to our generous members who support this annual fundraiser. We will still be allowing Pre-Donations, but there will not be a Pre-Selection process this year. This even WILL be limited to 30 rabbits, so consider Pre-Donating! All pre-donations will be highlighted on the club website prior to the National Show. For a complete list of rules check out our Live Auction Rules Page. Would you like to consider donating to this event? Questions? Contact the Fundraising Chair, Phil Gamber.

    Open Photo Contest
    This will be the first year that the NALRC will be offering a Photography Contest for our adult members in addition to our Youth Photo Contest! Thank you to volunteers (Chrissy Schell, Anne Marie Gale, Lee Nevills, & Chance Floyde)who stepped up to put this together! See our Open Photo Contest Page for complete details and rules. Need more information? Contact Anne Marie Gale.

    National Show Banquet
    Each year the NALRC offers a banquet following the National Show. This year we will be returning to the Spaghetti Warehouse for a wonderful evening of good food, friends, & fun! Join us for a relaxing evening dinner in the company of Lionhead friends, old and new, and also enjoy our annual fundraising auction of wonderful items donated by club members! Our Banquet Page provides additional information and a Ticket Order Form. Questions? Contact the Banquet Chair, Dawn Guth.

    Youth Activities
    The Youth Committee will be continuing the tradition of an annual Youth Photo/Drawing Contest at the National Show. This is a great way for youth who cannot attend the show to still participate in a fun National Show activity. Awards will be mailed to those youth not in attendence. See the Youth Pages for complete details and rules. For more information, contact the Youth Chair, Sara Hendrickson.

    Additionally, 2013 will see the return of the Friday night Youth Symposium. The symposium will be hosted by Theresa Mueller and Cheryl Rafoth and is free to all NALRC youth members. Format will be fun and informal with a Question and Answers section at the end for youth to ask questions of the current presenters. Consider joining us for this fun youth activity on Friday evening. Please mark whether you plan to attend on your entry form, so that we can plan for space on this event!

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