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    At last, breed recognition! Now what?
    As of February 1, 2014, Lionheads have become officially recognized in the United States as the 48th rabbit breed of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in the varieties of Tortoise (all 4 colors) and REW.

    This means that Lionheads in those varieties will be eligible to win legs of Grand Champion and compete with other breeds for Best In Show at ARBA sanctioned shows. They are also able to be registered with ARBA in REW and Tort, and receive certificates of Grand Champion. As of December 1, 2016 Chocolate and Seal were added to the list of recognized ARBA varieties.

    Per ARBA rules, show secretaries are not obligated to accept entries in any other variety except Tortoise, REW, Chocolate and Seal; however, most varieties on COD will most likely be allowed to be shown for exhibition, as may other colors that are not on COD. This means that they will be allowed to compete for Best of Variety (BOV) and Best Opposite Sex of Variety (BOSV), but will not be allowed to compete for legs of Grand Champion, Best of Breed (BOB), Best Opposite Sex (BOS) or Best In Show (BIS).

    Check with your show secretary prior to the show so that you know exactly what varieties they will allow. If you determine that the exhibition varieties are allowed to be shown, you must supply the show secretary with a copy of a variety color standard. A version of some of the past and present COD color variety standards is available in the above table to the right. We can no longer publish a copy of the official Lionhead breed standard, as it is now copyrighted property of ARBA. Please note that once a variety on COD has one successful pass at presentation, per ARBA rules, shows must allow them to be shown for exhibition. Shows must allow exhibition of Sable Point and Siamese Sable, as they all have had at least one successful presentation as of 2015.

    Current Variety CODs: Chocolate, and Seal HAVE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED THE PRESENTATION PROCESS AND WILL BE ADDED TO THE BREED STANDARD AS RECOGNIZED VARIETIES EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 1, 2016. Sable Point and Siamese Sable will make their attempts at successful 3rd Presentation in Indy in 2017. BEW (Blue-eyed White) will be eligible to present in 2017. Black has recently been awarded a COD and will be eligible to begin the presentation process in 2018

    What makes a Lionhead showable?
    At maturity, a Lionhead rabbit should weigh no more than 3 pounds, 12 ounces, and its ears should not be longer than 3 1/2". To be shown, a young Lionhead has to weigh at least 1 pound, 10 ounces. Judges look for a Lionhead that is compact in body and posed in an upright manner, with a high head mount and erect, balanced ears. They should have good depth of body and be well rounded, with medium bone. Their mane should be of lively wool that is dense, and is present all the way around their head. The fur on their saddle should be soft and glossy. A complete breed Standard of Perfection can be found on the official ARBA website.

    For more information on breeding Lionheads.......
    Please consider joining NALRC. With paid membership, you get our full color breed Guidebook, as well as issues of our club magazine, the Mane Musings, which is chock full of articles and information on all things Lionhead, as well as automatic entry in our Sweepstakes when you show your Lionheads at NALRC sanctioned shows.


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