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    Koelyn Hooper

    Like many of you, I started raising rabbits when my five children were in 4-H. The girls raised Netherland Dwarfs and my middle son took a real shine to New Zealands. Many years passed and the children grew up, but I didn't! So I’ve have been raising Mini Rex rabbits for 20 years and Lionheads for about eight years. I continue to love the bunnies and challenges of making them better.

    Our farm is based on the belief that anything worth doing, is worth doing well. We have a beautiful property nested among the trees and green grass of California’s Sierra foothills. The rabbits live in clean, fresh air that is heated or cooled, whichever is needed. I have 120 holes with 100 of them dedicated to breeding Broken, Chinchilla, Himalayan, Red and Sable Point Mini Rex, and 20 holes for Broken and Sable Point Lionheads.

    In 1996, I bought a beautiful, Grand Champion Tort Mini Rex buck. Of the many nice babies he produced, six Sable Point kits arrived in two litters from different does, a broken lynx and a red. When the second generation of Sable Points had consistent coloring and improved type, I decided to request a new variety development certificate from ARBA and this variety in Mini Rex which passed the Standards Committee in 2006.

    I’ve been watching the development of Lionheads since 2000 and was particularly impressed with the body style of rabbits from Bunny Hutch and Mossy Possum rabbitries. Fortunately I was able to purchase a son of Johnny Blaze and a broken buck, Mickey, from Pridelands which are the basis for my Lionheads. I love Sable Points in any breed, but didn’t have them in my Lionhead herd until Joe Horacek decided to reduce the varieties in his rabbitry to focus on developing Siamese Sable, Seal and Red-eyed Whites.

    Marilyn Stevens has the first position COD for Sable Points. The second position Sable Point COD is a group effort of Joe Horacek, Nita Shannon, Lydia West and me being the primary. Nita contributed a wonderful buck, Legendary Intrepid who has an impressive and correct mane as a senior and all the right body, color and fur components as well. Joe and Phil Gamber have contributed many outstanding does. About half the does are bred and due this month, so excitement is high for us as we await evaluation of the first group of juniors this spring.


    2/5/13 LN

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