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    Lionheads Haven
    Lydia West (CA)

    I live in Northern California, right in the heart of the valley were it could get to over 100 for a week long in the summer easy, yuck! Guess I can’t really complain because when it’s not that hot it’s really nice weather and we are only 5 hours from the wonderful Disneyland, beaches and various other attractions. Love San Francisco, CA, which is where I was born in 1980, very fun place to visit! I’m a stay at home mom and care for my mother. I graduated with my A.A. Degree in Business and my A.S degree in Office Management.

    I love to travel with my family! We have been all around California, Northern and Southern; our most loved trip was to the beautiful San Diego, CA (La Jolla, CA to be exact) and Universal Studios near Hollywood, CA. It is now time to venture out. My kids have never left California but I always tell them, “Well you can if you want to go to a “rabbit show” in Ohio, they pass every time. So I drag my wonderful boyfriend Adrian (more like husband, 16 years and 2 kids later) with me to Nationals. My daughter always tells me, “Mom! You have too many rabbits”. Yes, I know!

    When I first got back into rabbits I went back to the breeder who I used to get my rabbits from when I was young ( I used to own rabbits from 8-12 years old), she had a rabbit with wispy looking hair that went around its head and was all white with blue eyes. I fell in love and asked her what it was--I purchased a pair. I went home and googled, “Lionhead” and seen the Lionheads I had just purchased looked nothing like what I was seeing online, the one’s online had much fuller mane’s and had just an overall better look to them. So I then started searching for breeders near me and found Robin Bean. I got my first purebred DM Lionhead from her—a vienna carrier, and she helped me recall what a buck and a doe looked like.

    While searching the net for more Lionheads I found DJ’s Lion’s den “Diane”, right here in California only 2 hours from me, I was very excited to say the least. I got a couple of torts from her to start with which was the kick off to my herd. Diane was so wonderful; she took me under her wing and taught me all the basics of breeding/showing Lionheads. She started me out with some very nice stock.

    But I couldn’t get the BEWs out of my mind and Diane did not breed those so I started searching the net again (gotta love the internet!) I found Denise Sousa (WildHare Rabbits). I got a pair of BEWs from her; they looked much better than the first pair I had bought. I was then hooked on BEWs for the long run.

    BEWs were/are a challenge for sure. Their gene is so strong it seemed like all their worst traits would always come out in them (e.g. big ears, fluffiness, long, big you name it) but I loved the challenge. I have now gotten them to be able to compete with other colors especially the vienna carriers. Haven’s Nevaeh who I thought was nice and hoped she would do well at Nationals in 2010 never thought she would win BOSB. I was shocked for sure when Eric Stewart said, “BOSB goes to the Blue JR Doe”, “Wow”, wasn’t sure I heard him right.

    That win was exciting for me because she was from my BEW line that I had been working on for years. I’ve been trying to get my BEWs to where they can actually compete for BOB/BOS at local shows. So to have her- a vienna carrier win at a National show was a very exciting moment for sure. It gave me that little extra confirmation that I was moving in the right direction with my BEWs.

    My love for BEWs got me to pull a COD on them and….. the help from a little birdie telling me to get my butt into gear and do it, and do it now (you know who you are :), thank you because I needed that and am happy I did! I’ve been working on them since 2005 and like what I’m getting from them now so figured it’s now or never and to stop being a chicken :/. Now…. let the BEW breedings begin.



    5-29-12 TM

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