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    All of the Variety COD holders on this list are in varying stages of the presentation process at this point. At the 2016 ARBA Convention, Chocolate, and Seal received their 3rd successful pass in San Diego, CA on October 11, 2016 and will be added to the breed standard as recognized varieties effective December 1, 2016!!!! Siamese Sable passed its 2nd Presentation and will go on to make its 1st attempt at 3rd presentation in Indianapolis, IN in October, 2017 along with Sable Point which is making its 2nd attempt at 3rd presentation after a fail regarding toenails in San Diego, 2016. BEW will make its first presentation in Indianapolis, IN in 2017. Black has recently been awarded a COD and will be eligible to begin the presentation process in 2018

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    Information on Past Successful and Unsuccessful/Dropped COD Holders can be found HERE.


    Black -- PENDING COD






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    Siamese Sable - successful 1st Pass 11/2015, successful 2nd Pass 10/2016

    I acquired my first lionhead in the spring of 2003.  My sons wanted a 'hare' to go with the Sulcata Tortoise we had and my online searches generated a 'really cool' kind of rabbit that the boys decided they had to have.  We picked up Sake, from Diane Ricketson in the parking lot of JC Penny's.  Her pedigree had names like Statler's Miss Kitty and Hellenic Stud #43.  An F3, she was a product of some very early American Lionheads.

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    We love the rabbit hobby! When we started this endeavor 6 years ago, I told the girls it would be only 7 rabbits and that’s all I would permit…Ha! That lasted maybe 2 months or until we had our first litter. As a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed the hobby of raising and showing Lionhead  rabbits. We have met amazing people and consider so many of our breeder friends as family.

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    Koelyn Hooper Sable Point (held with Lydia West, Joe Horacek & Nita Shannon) Successful 1st Pass 11/2014, successful 2nd Pass 11/2015, fail on 1st attempt at 3rd presentation for broken toenail 10/2016, will make 2nd attempt in Indy 2017.

    I’ve been watching the development of Lionheads since 2000 and was particularly impressed with the body style of rabbits from Bunny Hutch and Mossy Possum rabbitries. Fortunately I was able to purchase a son of Johnny Blaze and a broken buck, Mickey, from Pridelands which are the basis for my Lionheads. I love Sable Points in any breed, but didn’t have them in my Lionhead herd until Joe Horacek decided to reduce the varieties in his rabbitry to focus on developing Siamese Sable, Seal and Red-eyed Whites.
    Deb Bergs Blue Eyed White (BEW) - will make 1st attempt at 1st presentation in 2017
    none We have had Lionheads since very early 2006 when the vet at Canton Trade days gifted our daughter Sarah with a little one-eyed tort Lionhead doe she named Honey Bisquit.  Looking back, Honey was I'm sure a F1 cross with Lord knows what-long eared, rangy and big, but very well loved. The next month, of course, Honey needed a friend, and Pepper joined us--another Lionhead doe, again, probably F1, chinchilla. We lost Honey to Fabreeze poison, and Pepper to a prolapse trying to have a litter-which put us on the search for better stock.  We added Bash River Southern Comfort, who was an incredible doe who built our herd.  





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