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There is a change to our club Secretary effective 6/30/14
Please send all membership requests to:
Theresa Mueller
PO Box 43
Ravensdale, WA 98051

Click here for complete OPEN or YOUTH '14 Nationals results

QUESTIONS?? - If you have questions, we ask that you refer to our Officers Page for the email address of your District Director, who will be able to assist you with any questions, problems or concerns you may have. Posting your problem on social media may not reach the person most able to address your concern or question.

Sanction requests must be mailed to our Sweepstakes Counter, LeAnn Danowski, her address is on the request form


The NALRC encourages our membership to obtain the most current Lionhead information from this official NALRC website, our Mane Musings newsletter, and our members only NALRC Facebook page. The NALRC does not endorse any other website or information posted thereon.



2014 NALRC National Show

Open BOB:
REW Sr Doe
Jamie Loncar


Open BOS:
REW Buck
Carol Fry


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