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Would you like to run for office in National Lionheads? This year, the offices of Vice President, Secretary and Directors from the even-numbered regions (2,4,6,8) are open for candidates to run! New to the Club and don't know who your current Director is, or what region you're in? Check this page!

If you'd like to run, there's a form right here.

NOTE! You must download and print it, get the signatures of at least three current NALRC members, and MAIL it (paper mail), and it must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2017! If you live in a remote region where you cannot get signatures of other members directly, there's a procedure for this... ASK! Good luck to all the candidates!

Final 2016 Sweepstakes results and 2017 results through April 1, 2017 are on the Sweepstakes page.

Current show list now online through most of 2017! Click Upcoming Shows to find lionhead shows in your state in 2017.

New lionhead breeders added to the Breeder List, go to the Breeders Page to find a lionhead breeder near you.

We now accept membership payments through PayPal, go to the Join Page to Join or Renew your membership.




2016 NARLC National Convention:


Open BOB: Tort Jr Buck
Suzanne Hansen
"Aspenleaf Gusto"


Open BOS:TORT Sr Doe
Amanda Kirkpatrick-Riley
"Lionaround Evette"


Youth BOB: Tort Jr Doe
Mia Moss
"Mossy's Lucy May"


Youth BOS: Tort Sr Buck
Mia Moss
"Mossy's Star"

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The NALRC does not endorse any other website or information posted thereon.



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