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NEWS FLASH!!! Non-COD Varieties will be allowed to be donated to the LIVE AUCTION! Click here for details...

ELECTION NEWS: The Vice President, Secretary, and (4) Directors
(for Districts 2, 4, 6 & 8) are up for re-election this year!!
Please submit your Intent To Run by May 15, 2015
if you would like to run for one of those offices!

COD Varieties for exhibition at our National Show: Blue-eyed White, Chocolate, Sable Point, Seal, Siamese Sable, Smoke Pearl and Smoke Pearl Point.

Click here for complete 2014 Sweepstakes Contest results

The NALRC encourages our membership to obtain the most current Lionhead information from this
official NALRC website, our Mane Musings newsletter, and our members only NALRC Facebook page.
The NALRC does not endorse any other website or information posted thereon.


4-10-15 LN

2014 ARBA Convention


Open BOB:
REW Sr Doe


Open BOSB:
REW Sr Buck


Youth BOB:
Tort Sr Buck
Sterling Welty


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